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Blue Man Group Casting

Blue Man Group, the theatrical sensation, is searching for performers for current and future productions in the United States!

A Blue Man performer has the unique opportunity to utilize their artistic abilities in an exciting and dynamic experience unmatched by any other stage production. Trained actors with physical theater, clowning, improvisation skills who fit the physical specifications required by the job are legitimate candidates.

Best known for multimedia performances that feature three bald and blue characters, Blue Man Group is theater, ritual, performance art, comedy, rock music and dance party all rolled into one. The character has strong roots in the downtown New York performance art scene as well as significant nods to vaudeville and Le Coq’s principles of playfulness, togetherness and openness. Casting for current productions in Las Vegas, Boston and Chicago.

Auditions are held multiple times each year in New York and Los Angeles as well as other cities nationwide.